Fort Hood, Texas

Bio: I am a 37 year old married man. I found this site by looking for more information in regards to sexless marriages and the people who suffer from and thru them. Not finding very much on the web, I found this site and decided I might find more by simply asking....so this is me, trying to find out more about the things I just don't understand in this world, to include sexless marriages and the coping mechanisms people use to live thru them or what they did to decide for themselves when enough had become, well....enough! That's the basic view of me. I am also a 10 year veteran of the US Army, been deployed multiple times, lived thru a few scratches. I am also bisexual which complicates both my marriage and my career, but I find solace in the friendships of others. I welcome any and all questions. If you can't find me on here....feel free to shoot me an email at goofballjason1@gmail.com

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    • To be honest…its not difficult at all. I am sure you can agree, being bisexual doesn’t automatically mean that you are instantly attractive to all members of the same sex. The real difficulty comes with being bisexual in a monogomous marriage, or at least thats what I am supossed to be in. I have not always been the best boy!!! No one I have ever told about being bisexual has ever believed me at first. I am a rugged type guy with a sense of humor. No one has ever guessed that I was to begin with….but it does make it easier to talk about when someone brings it up to me!!!

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