Seriously Crazy Dreams


A friend of mine told me she had the oddest dream last night. She told me that she, in her dream, woke to a different body. She was pregnant and had no idea who the father was or how in the world she got pregnant seeing as she had not remembered the last time she had sex…The dream carried her all the way until the baby was born and out of her popped this creature she explained looked like a monster…Now, I’m not sure what the hell she ate before bed, but that’s messed up

So I am curious, and wondering how many of you have had messed up dreams, either like this or even worse….What is the most crazy dream you have ever had, whether sexual, scary, impossible, whatever! Surprise me!


9 thoughts on “Seriously Crazy Dreams

    • WOW…..not sure how to interpret that one other than you had decision to make that was life altering and you were torn between two choices. One taking you towards the choice you wanted and the other taking you away from it!

  1. I dreamed once that I drove my dad’s red, antique corvette off a curving bridge that wasn’t complete… I could see that I should stop, but my foot wouldn’t move to the break. There was fire everywhere… But that’s not the strangest. The strangest ones are of natural disasters. Before they happen.

    • Ok…thank you for sharing. I might have to think about that one for a minute. Natural disasters rarely mean that in your dream, they tend to mean one of these:
      1. Fear of going through some sort of changes.
      2. Refusing to accept any changes in your life.
      3. Trying to be perfect in every aspect of your life.
      4. Feeling like a victim in certain circumstances in your life.
      5. If you have an earthquake dream you might be going through some emotional turmoil in your life. This could be in relationships, work, finances etc.

  2. ok so you wanna hear about some weird dreams. with my first pregnancy i dreamt that my baby was in a egg that i kept on a special shelf, well it was my husbands birthday and i was putting together a party for him. when i started to make his cake i realized i only had two eggs, so my mom said here i have one. well after the party i went to check on my egg but it was gone, my mom spoke up and said that is the egg i gave you for the cake . so i ran to the kitchen to try and figure out how to get my baby out of the cake, but it had been cooked and half eaten, so i fell to my knees and started to scream and cry. and that was the end of the dream i actually woke myself up crying

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