Coming Down….

Long story short, I have been on a pain killer for the last 3 years and in order to remain in the Army, I had to tell them that I was no longer taking it. Basically, its a synthetic opiate so there is no test (Army-wise) that can detect it. They believed me and sent me to Romania. Now that I am her, I still have my meds, but knowing that there are no refills in my future I am doing everything in my power to come off of them and let me tell you…I now have a great respect for those addicts that come clean and ther battle to kick the dragon! I have not had any for four days and my body is killing me. I feel like crap, I can’t sleep, I’m restless like a toddler in a cage at night! It sucks.

Wish me luck…Its going to be a long and winding road but I think I can do it. Though I am physically addicted to it, I have never been mentally addicted to anything other then the beauty that lays in a sexy womans eyes and the confidence she carries with it!!!


15 thoughts on “Coming Down….

  1. Listen, do NOT discount how sick you are going to be for about 2 weeks. Your body is in a huge panic and every single thing you feel is normal. Stay hydrated to help flush everything from your system. Drink a shit load of gatorade and if you don’t have it, then apple juice. You need the sugar to help the electrolytes balance themselves. Eat a ton of bananas as the potasium will help as well…and believe it or not eating one 30 minutes before bed helps you to fall sleep. Your body will feel like you have the flu and you fell down stairs – cramps, headaches, nausea…all normal. Shower and walk it off then shower again. Accept you are going to be tired but that you will feel better. There will have to be some mental strength to go one once you hit day 10’ish and you want to say ‘fuck it’ just so you can ease up a bit but remember, that means you have to go through everything all over again from day 1, so do not lose faith you can get through it. this is a marathon and like you said…if you aren’t mentally addicted you can do it, but it WILL challenge you soon, if it hasn’t already. Just be prepared for it when it comes so you have a plan to not give in.
    p.s. ‘stay safe’

    • Thank you so much for all your wonderful words of encouragement. I am actually now on day 8 and feeling pretty good. I have definately been drinking alot of water….LOL!!! Not alot of sleep but you know….thats what they made Skype for!!! Sucks when all my Skypers have passed out or gone to work…work sucks!!! But like I said…I’m doing pretty good, all in all. I had to do this for myself, but mostly, I want to make sure I could! When you have been taking something for so long, you start to wonder if its the cause of anything or how you would do without it…..Again, thank you sweetheart for having my back! Its very nice to hear!

  2. rougedmount is an amazing woman and you are right Soldierboy her lips are perfect.
    Why were you on the painkillers in the first place? Going through withdrawals is a blast!! I do not have much first hand experience with opiates and withdrawals, but I do have a few handfuls of dealing with it from coke and meth. It all sucks. I have been on adderall for almost two years now and I find myself worried about my dependency to them. I am the highest dose possible. I will have to cross that bridge one day. I have dealt with depression my whole life. Was labeled bi polar, manic, I did not want to take pills for it. It wasn’t until I was in school that I could not concentrate no matter how hard I tried. Since I have been on the adds I don’t have a lot of depression, i have no manic shit any more and I actually feel like a productive adult living my life. The reason I was manic was because it took a lot of work for me to get anything done, to slow my mind down enough to function so when I was able to do this I would go and go because I knew to get back to that place it was going to take a lot of work. Because I would go and go until I dropped, I would sleep and be depressed. It was a vicious cycle and am so glad not to be in the whirlwind today.
    Back to your reason for being on the pain killer, I am interested in your pain and may have some suggestions for you. .

    • Well I have been on meds for ADD for almost four years now, so I can understand the Adderall issue. My pain killers were originally for injuries I got in my knee and shoulder. Eventually the injuries healed and left a case of degeneritive arthritis. So the meds were for the daily does of pain I take just form normal soldiering shit. Its what I do to cope and stay in! I love what I do. I love being a Soldier. But sometimes, I wonder just how long I will fight myself to stay in!

      And yes…her lips are slightly addicting all by themselves!!! I have a thing for luscious lips…just ask a few of my followers!!! They all know, I have been more than forthcoming with the compliments!!! What can I say…I am a huge flirt, love sex and have a pretty open type personality!!! Horrible combination!!!

      • I have the same combination. First I want to say thank you for doing what you do. Being a Soldier is a very hard job with not enough pay and not even close to the respect you deserve. So thank you.
        I am a firm believer in acknowledgement. Acknowledging that you put your life at risk so I can sit in my warm cozy home and not be afraid is not to much to ask and I wish more people would understand that. It not even hard to do. But that is another is for another day. The stupidity of people.
        I love looking at woman. I would say I love woman, but that is not all together true. I do not trust many women and it sucks. But I have seen over and over again what manipulating bitches they can be. SAD BUT TRUE.
        Knee and shoulders. Both very common sites of pain. Both also manageable with the right treatment. Finding relief that is not in a pill form is a trial and error kind of search. 85% of our pain we feel, where we feel it is not where the problem is. Where you feel the pain is the messenger. Alot of shoulder pain comes from the scalene in our neck. where with knee pain it comes from our adductors in our inner thighs.If you truely want to learn how to manage your pain without the use of pills you need to find a good massage therapist. Again this is going to be a trial and error search. I would also look for an accuputioneist. The two together can give you a pain manageable life.Because I am guessing you have plenty of scar tissue from your injuries you need to get that loosen up. Otherwise you will have congestion and congestion is where cancers and disease form. And eventually your degenerative arthritis will cripple you. you are young and with the help of holistic workers you can manage your pain, keeping your energy flow open and allowing you to live life.
        We want to cut everyone open and fix them, when in reality that is the wrong way to do things. I am not saying that surgery isn’t necessary at times.But I do believe that other things should be tried first. You can not just fix the broken bone. And we do just that. You have to fix the whole person. Mind, Body, and Spirit. The problem I have found is finding a good massage therapist (not the ones who give happy ending either) can be hard. So many of them are all about the turn over. Get them in, Get them out…You need to find one that will take the time to figure out where your congestion is and help you get rid of it. That is also a trail and error thing and it does take time.
        That is my two cents on that. I have another question for you but I need to get somethings done. I will get back to you later….I only ask that you do not dismiss my suggestions…

      • Of course not…I very much enjoy your suggestions. I am always open to hear them….feel free to ask me anything…if its something you worry about me answering send it to goofballjason1 @ gmail

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