Russia Makes Me Sick

Russia Makes Me Sick

So…sitting around in Romania, not doing alot yet, I grab a random magazine and come across an article that just about makes me want to fly to Russia, go to the club mentioned in the magazine, armed to the teeth with REAL bullets, fuck that air pellet shit they used to make themselves feel masculine in an otherwise safe club for gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgendered people. What the fuck Russia? How in the world is being other-than-straight an attack on the countries values and norms? Is it just because you are forced to visually see things you would rather act like did not exsist? Well, guess what, I have fucking seen dead bodies of men and women scattered after a bomb went off, and it was not because I hated someone I had to witness this, its because I wanted to protect those who could not protect themselves……You might be a huge fucking country, but last time I checked, the last time someone fucked with its own people America stepped in and only left their country after almost 40 years of fucking with them back!!! Keep it up, I’ll be the first mother fucker to come to Mother Russia!!!!


3 thoughts on “Russia Makes Me Sick

  1. Oh boy. I guess the silver lining is that… well, if I were a gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender person, I would view it as the perfect excuse to, you know, leave Russia. Not that people should have to move to avoid discrimination but, if a country is going to make people feel unwelcome, at least its not one with a lot of prime real estate or beautiful beaches.

    • The sad part…in Russia, you would be just as every bit on the outs for loving a bi-man. They don’t just hate LGBT people…they hate those they tolerate it and/or accept it!

      PS…Archer is awesome…I just watched that episode the other day…..DANGER ZONE!!!! LOL

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