Finally made it!!!!

Thanks to you all who sent me best wishes and safe travels…I finally made it to Romania and though it has alot less snow than I was initially expecting, it is far colder than I thought it would be! At first, it seems very much like a mistake….At take off, they told us that we could have either a carry on or a laptop, not both, I made the obvious choice, then instead of flying thru Germany like normal, we came straight here…..but not straight here!!! The weather was so foggy I guess the pilot could not land, instead it sounded like a much better idea to land in Bucharest where, because we are a forieng Army, who by the way was fully armed, had to be escorted by Romanian police and MP’s to a holding area for eight hours where we were then put on a bus and had a fun little drive in the middle of the country, by police escort to the base….I mnea, it did only take five more hours to get there, would have been only 40 minute flight, but hey, as long as the congressional budget cieling doesn’t go over…..Way to go Congress…We get this type of treatment, and a pay cut, but you all get a pay raise…God Bless America….LOL!!!


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