I have a bad AVI!

It has been brought to my attention that my AVI freaks some people out…LOL!!! I say, who doesn’t like the Minions!!! But I would love to hear what my followers what they would like to see me use!!!


17 thoughts on “I have a bad AVI!

    • Hahaha…I forgot I posted that. I was told that was the name for the Profile pic….Mine used to be one of the Minions…I love the Minions…LOL!!! It appears I still don’t have one. Any suggestions? I mean, mine still won’t match yours…Between yours, and rougedmount’s lips…I am having a “hard” day!!!

      • Mine is a sexy bitch…What is your favorite cartoon? Simaty (spelled wrong) Sam seems a bit like you. I see everything in cartoon. Roger Rabbit is. What is it about the Minions that you love? And yes as soon as I am done typing this I will look it up, because I am not sure what they are…LOL That happens when you live in the middle of cornfield, except I don’t like there any more I now live in the middle of the woods. I love my new house. You are half way down our driveway before you even see the house. You have fun with that :”hard” day….LOL

      • Oh I like the miniens. Hey I haven’t read all your post, but I do remember reading something about sexless marriages. Which is funny cause me and Kdaddy were having a discussion on that subject. So my question to you is, do you have a sexless marriage?

      • I love sexy fairy’s. I am working on a scene for our bedroom wall that will have naked fairy’s in it. Its a bedroom they should be naked. My 12 year old thinks I am so weird. She always pisses and moans when I walk around naked. She acts like I do it all day long (which would be nice). It was funny one day my 20 year old was over and I came out naked to grab something and the my youngest starts pissing and moaning and my oldest was like don’t look if it bothers you so much… I laughed. I am getting married in two years as a fairy. I found a place that makes fairy wings that move with you. $80. I don’t care so much about the dress, So for under $200 I will have my wedding outfit. and all of what I get for my outfit can and will be used again. I figure I am almost 43, I will be 45 when I get married for the first time, I can do whatever I want at my wedding…LOL

      • There is alot to process in that statement! First, sexy fairy wedding…I am so in!!! I’ll bring the fairy dust!!! And walking around naked in front of your kids…I mean, aren’t we all naked when we come in and when we leave this world!!!

  1. I’ve been thinking about what would make a good one for you, I thought something distinctive, but not too illustrative, I think most ones that are photos are rubbish – how about a solid colour – a cyan blue?

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