I missed you all!!!

I hope evgeryone had a wonderful holiday. I apologize for my lengthy time away…I was helping the wife get back on her feet from a major surgery dealing with stage 3 cancer! Glad its over and know I am so overloaded with all of your blogs ranging from the dirty and naughty to the innocent and friendly…I applaud you all and look very much to hearing from you all….None of you were too far from my thoughts! Please stop in and say hello!!!! MUAH!!!!


3 thoughts on “I missed you all!!!

    • Thank you for asking. She is doing great. She made a full recovery. 100% cancer free….It was amazing that she had it for so long and that they were able to get it all…..Thank you for asking.

  1. That is wonderful. I have goosebumps!! She must be a strong lady. What a tough period in all of your lives. I am sorry to hear you and your family had to face such a horrific challenged. But the end result was a great one. That which doesn’t kill us makes us stronger. Sad but True

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