15yr Anniversary a Bust!

So, my wife and I had our 15 year anniversary last week and I asked for one thing and one thing only….As you all know we only have sex about three or four times a year and I bought her a very nice, very expensive gift that is both logical, useful and exactly her type of thing….for me, all I wanted was for her to find, buy or locate some sexy lingerie and seduce me with romance. I never said anything about sex, but of course that would have been some very nice icing on that cake. Instead of doing that, she chose to do nothing….nothing at all….not a fucking thing. She and I went to a bar, which we normally never have time for and played pool and enjoyed one drink each a few days later and 20 minutes into it she complains about how cold it was inside the bar and asked if we could go. What the fuck??? What would you do? What if the situation was reversed and it was a man doing that to a woman….would that make it worse? Fuck no, its the same damn thing….So I ask you this…what would you do in a situation like this?


4 thoughts on “15yr Anniversary a Bust!

  1. Aww, hunny, I’m so sorry this happened to you. I wish your anniversary went smoother and nicer than that. A woman’s response to something like this, she probably wouldn’t talk to her husband for a few days. To emphasize her hurt and anger but not say anything about it until he approached her. Typical female reaction. It doesn’t matter who’s hurting who, men & women both have feelings and need romance and affection.

      • She knew I wanted something very specific but I am sure she looked at it as “If I give it to him just because he asked, then he will always ask”….she is like that. I am not sure how I survive either. I flirt alot and I occasionally have a girlfriend or boyfriend here and there. I have one lady that knows everything and is ok with my choices but of course, she can’t drop what she is doing just to play with me so it has its ups and downs too!!!

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