She Blamed Me For Her Cancer….WTF????

So while the wife and the kids and I wee all on vacation last week, on day one, I asked for my wife to take a look at a lump I was freaking out about on my spine, and instead my wife brings up a situation that happened almost ten years ago when I caught myself in my zipper, yes that still happens to adults!!!!, and the sore didn’t go away for a month. I got worried and had it looked at. The Doc said it looked like it could have been an STD. At the time, my wife and I were pretty heavy in the swinging scene and although we were always careful, there’s always that chance,….anyway, the Doc came bacme to me saying that it was nothing, just a case of my skin taking a long time to heal. My wife was never convinved it wasn’t something else. Mostly, because she wasn’t in the doctors office when he told me this and therefore her paranoid behavior runs away with her and tells her I was lying about the results.

When she develpoed cervical and ovarian cancer, she have the F**KING audacity to say that her and her doctor talked about me and that incident and that he believes what I HAD, mind you he has never met me, never looked at my test results or medical records at all, had my wife convinved I had HPV and therefore gave it to her and that was the reason she got cancer. As we were on this vacation for a funeral of one of her family members I left it alone but now can’t seem to get it out of my head and its eating my insides!!! How can anyone look another person in the eye and tell them that they are to blame for their getting cancer…what kind of a person does that? I’m not really sure how to handle the situation as she never listens to the feeling of conversations instead goes straight for the analytical version and hears only the words, not the pain, so talking rationally about it to her is out of the question…the mere fact of bringing up will result in an arguement I just don’t want to have, but how can you tell someone how bad they hurt you when they never listen and don’t seem to give a crap?


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